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Posted by christian on Saturday, July 11, 2009 · 5 comments

Work on the implementation of a new clustering technique for the map on ffindr's welcome page carried a little to excess, in a positive sense. The map features now all upcoming tournaments (in blue) plus all links (in yellow). The latter, until now, never made it on the map. The result of this probably biggest Frisbee geo mapping shows nicely the geographical distribution of Frisbee.

Tournaments and ultilinks are grouped together at higher zoom levels (i.e. from far away) into a bigger marker stating the number of included points. The more one zooms into the map the more details get revealed. In addition to the new ultilinks data, the display (rendering) of the markers has been heavily accelerated.

More data, but faster, and a lot easier to access! A true enhancements of the user experience. A nice little extra feature gets revealed when clicking on the button in the top right corner of the map: the map expands to more than twice its size! Enjoy browsing the new world map.


  1. nice work Chris ! thx
  2. Good job, Chris You need vocations, You are working that hard)))
  3. Nice work! Is there a way to zoom the map by scrolling the mouse wheel while hovering over the map? Might be very comfortable.
  4. Thanks for your feedback, guys! @benne: actually it is pretty dangerous from a usability point of view to activate zoom by mouse scrolling for scrollable pages. Imagine the following scenario: You are scrolling the page and your pointer arrives above the map: suddenly the page stops scrolling and the maps starts to zoom (out). Google Maps allows for mouse zoom because their page doesn't need scrolling!
  5. By the way, the map can be zoomed by double-clicking... almost as comfortable as scrolling.

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