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Frisbee links for United Kingdom / BlockStack.TV

Location: Nottingham
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee, Other
Link type: Blog / News / Website
Contact: Send a message to Tom Styles and Steve Giguere

Tom Styles and Steve Giguere take a laid back look at what's happening in the world of Ultimate Frisbee around the UK, Europe and the Globe.

Blockstack TV are veterans of Ultimate media. Since 2008 Tom and Steve have covered Paganello x2, WUGC Vancouver, Copenhagen, xEUCF London, and WUCC Prague. In 2011 Blockstack will be travelling to EUC in Slovenia and also to the World Championships of Beach Ultimate.

Described by some as 'the world leaders in Ultimate commentary' Tom and Steve have a thirst for knowledge and a love of entertaining.

Check out their FaceBook page for up to date news.

Our tournament coverage includes:-

  • High Quality Photography
  • Daily podcast coverage of the event
  • Our views on anything from the most spectacular greatest to the catering.
  • Not just results but more importantly the look, feel and atmosphere of a tournament.
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