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Posted by christian on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 · No comments

FFindr’s free Frisbee tournament registration system is available for one year now, time to shift it back into focus. Over 50 events from more than 10 different countries took advantage of the automated registration, with over 1000 submitted bids in total. Especially Germany (15 FFindr powered registrations), France (14), United Kingdom (7) adopted the system well.

A registration is set up within minutes, and from this moment on you can stop worrying about tons of e-mails like...

  • we will come with 15 players, 7 of them want to do camping, 3 go for the hotel and the other 5 could maybe crash at your place?,
  • sorry, it’s my grandmother birthday and half of my team got sick, so we will be 9 instead of 18, but therefore we will arrive Friday night,
  • actually the 2 initially at the hotel now want to camp, and 1 of the campers now sleeps in his car (he bought an iPhone), could you please change this?

...and start to concentrate on providing the best tournament possible. Players (for hat tournaments) or teams can register for your tournament via FFindr, and if you want to push it even further: just activate the roster management for your tournament registration, allowing for adding players to registered teams. Here, FFindr’s multilingual interface comes in handy, simplifying the registration for teams that might not speak your language.

Every registration can be modified while the registration window is still open, allowing teams/players to adapt frequently changing details (camping, number of players, whatever you defined) without bothering the organisation. You as the organiser will receive confirmation e-mails and have an always up-to-date Excel file that holds all the submitted registration information.

Any further questions? Just drop me an e-mail if you would like to use FFindr’s free registration system for your tournament and if you are not totally sure about how to do it. We can surely come up with something as nice as for Junior Worlds 2010.

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