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Frisbee teams in Russia

Frisbee teams in Russia / Tequila (w)

Location: Moscow, Russia
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Contact: Send a message
Website: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ultitequila/
Founded: 2009

Ultimate Frisbee team Tequila appeared just two years ago and throughout its’ short life faced difficulties way too often. But even during the hardest times we have managed to find strengths to keep developing and never stopped believing in our success. We learn from our mistakes and we know that any complication will just make us stronger and wiser.

We can always find someone to rely on in our team and we are ready to support each one of us in everything. We are ready to accept the criticism and develop, paying attention to advice. We trust each other till the end. Even when we have the worst match and we are losing dramatically we never stop fighting. We thank each other every day for everything that we do together. Our friendship gives us an amazing advantage – we are always sure in every member of our team.

We know that if we want to gain great success we need to work a lot and hard and every girl in the team is ready to give everything that she has inside for the team. And we all are sure that the final results of the team may depend on every single one of us. We are always happy when someone succeeds – we think of it as it is our own victory. We feel like a family and we are ready to work hard to sustain the team spirit.

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