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Frisbee teams in Netherlands

Frisbee teams in Netherlands / UnDutchables

Location: Netherlands
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Contact: Send a message to Ravi Vasudevan
Contact phone: 0634313251
Website: http://www.rising-high.nl
Founded: 2012

Official Constitution of the Undutchables

  1. Definition

    1. “The Undutchables,” are a pick-up ultimate frisbee team based in the Netherlands. With origins dating as far back as early 2010, the Undutchables were formed with the purpose of providing fun and competitive ultimate players of a non-dutch origin with the opportunity of playing tournaments with a group of like-minded ultimate players of a non-dutch origin.

  2. Practice

    1. Due to the pick-up team nature of the Undutchables, practice outside of tournaments is strictly forbidden for the Undutchables.

  3. Member Roles

    1. One member of The Undutchables, hereafter referred to as the Benevolent Dictator, is in charge of organizing teams for various tournaments.  This is done through sending an email invitation to the members that the Benevolent dictator feels are appropriate for a given tournament.

      1. As there are generally more players eligible, under section 4, than the team can handle for a tournament, it is up to the Benevolent Dictator to make a selection of players that is fitting for a particular tournament

      2. If the Benevolent Dictator cannot or does not want to attend a particular tournament, he or she may be pass the role of Benevolent Dictator on to another Undutchable member, hereafter referred to as the Vice Dictator.

      3. If the Benevolent Dictator leaves the Netherlands, he or she must appoint a new Benevolent Dictator to take over.

        1. If the Benevolent Dictator becomes incapacitated through any means, the Stamp Master, as defined in Section 3.2 will become the Benevolent Dictator but may appoint a new Benevolent Dictator if he or she is unwilling to take on the responsibilities of the Benevolent Dictator.

    2. Another member of the Undutchables, hereafter referred to as the Stamp Master is responsible for creating a stencil to spray paint a new stamp onto the white team jerseys for all undutchables present at a specific tournament.

      1. The Undutchables must be lenient towards the Stamp Master as he or she may have a habit of producing errors on the stamps.

      2. The Stamp Master is invited to all Undutchable tournaments.

      3. If the Stamp Master is leaving the Netherlands, he or she must appoint a new Stamp Master.

        1. If he or she is incapable of appointing a new Stamp Master, the Benevolent Dictator must appoint a new Stamp Master.

    3. Other players on the Undutchables are known as members.

  4. Eligibility:

    1. The Benevolent Dictator or Vice Dictator has any last say in any eligibility matters and his or her will supersedes any of the eligibility rules listed in section 4.2.

    2. In order to be an Undutchable, a player must have the following characteristics (in order of importance).

      1. Must have a non-Dutch passport.  Dual citizens who are Dutch, but have a non-Dutch passport are fully allowed so long as they are not 100% Dutch.  The player should live or have lived at least 1 month in the Netherlands.

        1. The Friesian Exception: If a potential player has roots in the province of Friesland, they will be considered as eligible so long as 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 are in order.  Players that gain entrance under the Friesian Exception are generally held to higher standards under 4.2.2 and 4.2.3.

        2. The Belgian Exception: Though 4.2.1 claims that players should have lived at least 1 month in the Netherlands, if a player has been living in Belgium for at least 1 month and is neither Dutch or Belgian and are eligible under 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 then they may be eligible to play as an Undutchable.  Players that gain entrance under the Belgian Exception are generally held to higher standards under 4.2.2 and 4.2.3.

      2. Must be a fun individual.  This is up to the discretion of the Benevolent dictator and other Undutchables on the team.

      3. Must be competitive.  Individuals don’t have to be all stars to play for the Undutchables, but the Undutchables do not take beginners most undutchables have a minimum experience of 3 years.  Exceptions can be made by the Benevolent Dictator

  5. Shirts:

    1. The Undutchables will always bring a white and black shirt to tournaments.  The white shirt is a team shirt that will be stameped as described in 5.2 and the black shirt is any black shirt that the player happens to own.

    2. The white team shirt will receive a stamp that is stenciled and designed by the Stamp Master.

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