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Frisbee links for United States

Frisbee links for United States / Frisbee Collective

Location: Cleveland, OH
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee, Disc golf, Freestyle, Double Disc Court, Other, Goaltimate, Guts
Link type: Blog / News / Website
Contact: Send a message to Philo
Website: http://www.frisbeecollective.com

You are to bring into the blog two of all plastic discs, to keep them alive with you. Every kind of spinning plate and every kind of round disc that flies in the air will come to you to be kept alive.


DaVinci said 'simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication' - and the dream of a brief lofty flight refined to a molded plastic disc is the genius of the late father of frisbee Sir Walter Fredrick Morrison. Only man's inventions have the power to outlive themselves and Fred's flying disc is testament to simplicities splendor.


The simple toy has permeated every continent in every country thanks to commerical efforts leveraged by Wham-O who took the name Frisbee from New England college students who'd been throwing empty tins from the local Frisbie Pie Co. The company quickly trademarked the term, selling more than 200 million Frisbees to date.


Welcome to my quest for frisbee promoting world championships, television programs, movies, tournaments, food items, music, etc. The colorful potpourii of ringed, circular, domical and spiral discs are never quite enough to give me that full feeling...the quest for more plastic must continue!

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