Frisbee players in United States

Frisbee players in United States / Annie Meisels

Annie Meisels
City: New York
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee, Other
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This page is owned by anniemeisels · Updated on September 24, 2012
  1. I'm not from LA i'm from NYC! Long story but it wouldn't let me change it!
  2. Changed :)
  3. did you do that?! I tried 1000 times to no avail! Did you just try once and it let you change it? xo
  4. Hey! I prob. used firefox. I think my troubles came from administration. I didn't set up the page. Someone did it for me and I had already set one up's kind of confusing but i didn't have the administrative rights to this one. Anyway, thanks so much for changing it!

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