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Posted by christian on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 · 17 comments

2009 is drawing to a close, year-end retrospectives are popping up. Time to look back at the Ultimate year, just like last year's post: The Ultimate-Frisbee Champions 2008. In the following the result of my research for national champions from all over the world (to be precise: Grass Ultimate Frisbee for Open, Women and Mixed... names marked with ² signify beach champions, in case that no Grass Championships took place).


Australia: Chilly (Victoria)
Austria: Flugsaurier (Wels)
Belarus: Underdog (Minsk)
Belgium: Mooncatchers (Bruxelles) ¹
Canada: Mephisto (Montréal, Quebec)
Colombia: Euforia (Bogotá)
Czech Republic: Prague Devils (Prague)
Denmark: Ragnarok (Farum)
Dominican Republic: Bukapie (Santo Domingo)
Finland: Karhukopla (Espoo)
France: Jack'Suns (Fonteney-le-Comte)
Germany: Feldrenner (Mainz) ¹
Italy: Flying Bisc (Prato)
Ireland: Johnny Chimpo
Latvia: Ultimate Decision (Rīga)
Lithuania: Zepps (Vilnius)
Netherlands: Gronical Dizziness (Groningen)
Norway: Lulu (Oslo)
Portugal: Diz-Cu Dance (Lisbon) ²
Russia: Sokol (Moscow) ¹
Slovakia: Mor ho! (Bratislava)
Slovenia: Frizmi (Ljubljana)
South Africa: Chilli (Cape Town) ¹
Spain: Guayota (Tenerife) ¹
Sweden: Skogshyddan FK (Gothenburg) ¹
Switzerland: Flying Angels Bern (Bern) ¹
Ukraine: Gigolo (Kiev) ¹
United Kingdom: Clapham Ultimate (London) ¹
USA: Chain Lightning (Atlanta)


Australia: Wildcard
Austria: W.adys (Wien)
Canada: Lotus (Toronto)
Colombia: Revolution (Medellín)
Czech Republic: Yellow Fever (Prague)
Denmark: Flying Circus (Copenhagen)
Finland: Atletico (Espoo)
France: YAKA (Noisy-le-Sec)
Germany: Woodchicas (Sauerlach) ¹
Italy: Tequila Boom Boom (Rimini)
Latvia: Moments (Ogre)
Lithuania: Bublicious (Vilnius)
Russia: Cosmic Girls (Velikiy Novgorod)
Spain: Corocotta (Cantabria)
Sweden: E6 FK (Gothenburg) ¹
United Kingdom: Iceni (London)
USA: Fury (San Francisco Bay Area)


Australia: Spider Pig (New South Wales)
Austria: Upsadaisy (Wien) ¹
Canada: Chaos (Winnipeg)
Czech Republic: Prague Devils (Prague)
Denmark: Discflyers (Odense)
Finland: UFO (Tampere)
France: Bon Disc'Manche (Noisy-le-Sec) ¹
Germany: Sugar Mix (Stuttgart)
Italy: Gert Jonnys Band
Netherlands: Gronical Dizziness (Groningen)
Poland: GrandMaster Flash (Warsaw)
Spain: Guayota (Tenerife) ²
Sweden: Stockholm Syndromes (Stockholm)
Switzerland: Züri Ultimate Flyers (Zürich)
United Kingdom: Jeremy Codhand
USA: Axis of C-Ville (Charlottesville)

13 out of these 60 national champions defended their 2008 title (marked with ¹)! If you know about countries and champions that are not listed here, please contact me or leave a comment. I will then update this list. Merry Christmas.

UPDATED on 25 January 2010


  1. Netherlands: Open: Gronical Dizziness Mixed: Gronical Dizziness
  2. Latvia - Ultimate Decision and Moments, am I right ?
  3. @Max: Thanks, I updated the list. @Arturas: I found [this document]( and retrieved [those results](, can you confirm that I understood correctly?
  4. I am from Lithuania as you know, so I am not sure, ask Martins Taurenis
  5. @ Christian Arturas is right regarding Latvian champions. The results You found are indoor 2008-09 results (and the web page of federation has been changed that`s why the outdoor results are not there). You can see results from [sports portal](
  6. Ireland, Mixed: Throwin' Shapes (defended 2009 title)
  7. Hi Dominick, thanks for the information. One question though: the title has been won at the DUB tourney, is this something like the Irish Mixed championships? We are looking here for official (ok, the most official possible) champions and not necessarily the best team in a country/division. Merry Christmas and happy new year!
  8. Hi, There is a link available for the dutch frisbee association on ffindr and for Gronical Dizziness too.
  9. Sweden: Womens champs (E6) defended their 2008 title. Mixed Champs: Stockholm Syndromes
  10. ...and E6 are from Gothenburg.
  11. en colombiu la campeioni is Matanga
  12. ajajaja,, nooo, en clombiu la campoioni is Euforia!
  13. jam is right the champion in colombia is Euforia(open), Revolution(women)
  14. Poland: Grandmaster Flash played in Mixed division
  15. Thanks for the precision, Maciej. This is corrected! Regarding the off-field battle for the Colombian Championships 2009, do you guys have any proof (website) that supports your claim?
  16. Irish mixed nationals is a seperate compitition from DUB
  17. Your comments is very informative. I like it very much. Keep up the good work.

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