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Posted by christian on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 · 3 comments

Currently I am spending more time than ever on FFindr, one late night session chases another. The complete database is about to get restructured, causing changes in almost every source file (and they are numerous, very numerous). It all started with the integration of leagues, that is events with several dates. This lead to new data tables that are differently joined and queried and thus trigger a domino of necessary adjustments.

The bitter pill about this work is the lack of visible changes. Ideally, once these changes go live everything stays at is. Anyway, as soon as the job is done FFindr will be better and faster than ever. And I will finally be able to process the ever growing Todo lists.


  1. is very good
  2. Don't worry Christian, the next cool "visible" feature that's easy for you to build because of these under-the-hood changes will make it all worth it!
  3. Cheers, good to see that you understand the life of a developer. And yes, in the long run this job will definitely simplify work on FFindr.

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