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Frisbee links for United States

Frisbee links for United States / Flashflight

Location: Boulder, CO
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee, Disc golf
Link type: Store / E-commerce
Contact: Send a message
Website: http://www.flashflight.com

Flashflight: 18 colors and styles of light up flying discs for day or night-time use! Disc Golf, Ultimate, Frickets, Cups, Croquet, disc games at night, recreational light-up flying disc catching fun! Water resistant and fully illuminated by a single LED and 9 fiber optic strands. 55 grams to 185 grams. Retire the glow-in-the-dark disc and opt for the best LED light up flying disc on the market. The creators of the Flashflight are long-time disc players that have taken pride in creating a disc that made right here in the USA. Our 185G ultimate style sport-disc clearly out-performs any other light up flying disc on the market. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Straight, long and bright. The most common standard coin-cell sized batteries are included and power the red Flashflights for up to 120 hours and the purple, turquoise, blue, green, Frenzy and Disc-o flying discs for up to 25 hours. All discs have replaceable batteries and are meant to last, not break and be thrown away. We strive for quality.

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