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Posted by christian on Saturday, May 24, 2008 · No comments

Recently I wrote about how ffindr relies on the community to get high quality Frisbee event data, I now like to write about how the community can rely on ffindr to get high quality Frisbee event data onto their websites.

From the very beginning on ffindr was designed to:

  1. enable gathering of Frisbee event information with the help of many contributors, and to
  2. offer an easy-to-use Web interface to give the data back to the users, as well as to
  3. provide a way to export data for integration on remote websites.

The first two points have proved to be very successful, and the third is getting more and more traction. If you're a webmaster of a Frisbee website -- either of a small team or a big association -- you certainly have been confronted with the cumbersome task of keeping your Frisbee tournament listing / calendar up to date. Tournaments need to be added, dates have to be changed; in short you have a tremendous amount of work just for this one page.

ffindr offers a convenient way to automatically take care of all this, in two simple steps:

  1. Just create a personalised RSS feed with any filtering applied that suit your needs, for instance all beach Ultimate tournaments for mixed teams within 2000 kilometers of Milan, or Europe's 2008 national Frisbee championships.

  2. Then integrate the RSS feed with the Frisbee events you or your visitors are interested on your website. This can be accomplished either by a standard RSS plugin of your content management system or with an RSS feed parser that allows you full access to all the information retrieved from ffindr.

I prepared a little tutorial that shows how to integrate ffindr powered data on a remote website with PHP. The file how_to_add_ffindr_rss.zip contains all you need to understand how it works and to get a calendar like this one. Once you reproduced the same result on your server, you can adapt and style the information after your fancy, it's just like the data would come from your database.

Delivered from the ffindr server, high quality Frisbee event data will then automatically fly into your website. Now you can stop worrying about your calendar and start working on your fitness, your throws or whatever else you want to do with the additional spare time you'll get.

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