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Posted by christian on Saturday, May 10, 2008 · No comments

ffindr is a web 2.0 tool, meaning that it is collaborative. The content's quality, i.e. information about Frisbee events, depends entirely on the community. And you are the community!

A few days ago I removed the necessity of being registered and logged into ffindr to add events. The fact to add events anonymously certainly facilitates sharing of Frisbee event information, but this also has its prize:

  • more work for the moderators who need to check the provided data for consistency
  • no possibility to modify the information once the event has been added (you can always claim the ownership of your event later on, but this demands an e-mail and a reaction from a moderator)
  • the site might become a target of spamming with bulk data, leading to a polluted database and/or even temporary downtime.

We'll see how this experiment evolves, feel free to express your opinion to guide me to the best possible solution.

Talking about moderators, here are some quick facts and aspects of this particular ffindr job. Moderators are users with special power: more precisely they have the ability to modify/delete any event listed on ffindr (normally each user has these rights only for events he or she contributed). Moderators keep the content tidy and add/revise events of a certain region on a regular basis.

At this point I'd like to thank Erik Felgner from Erlangen who does exactly this for Germany. It would be nice to win some more people to cover more countries, leading to more accurate data and especially many more events. Be reminded that everybody can become a moderator, just ask and we'll see. Currently we cover Europe and especially Germany and France pretty well, I'd love to see more information coming from Frisbee hotspots like Northern America, Japan and Australia.

To conclude this post I'd like to quote a Wikipedia quote of a nice and concise definition of what ffindr and all web 2.0ish applications are all about:

"…the philosophy of mutually maximising collective intelligence and added value for each participant by formalised and dynamic information sharing and creation."

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