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Posted by christian on Thursday, May 8, 2008 · 2 comments

Being a real web application from the outset, ffindr is subject to constant improvements and changes. A blog hasn't been priority for many month, but finally it's up and running: Welcome everybody!

I mainly want to use this blog as a channel to

  • give this application a more personal touch by writing about less formal things than events as well as about people who regularly contribute
  • announce and explain recently introduced features, as well as presenting existing features in depth
  • shift the frequent e-mail discussions regarding feature requests and enhancements to the public to increase transparency and participation
  • provide helpful advices about the powerful (yet too often hidden) functionalities of ffindr.

ffindr grows steadily -- regarding content, functions, visits -- and most of the time the changes are triggered by input from the community. I want this blog to become an exchange of ideas around ffindr's aim to improve the announcement, presentation, and archiving of Frisbee event information. I invite you to share and discuss your point of view, ideas, critics, questions, etc.


  1. Hey Christian, Great to see you citing the 37signals book as an influence. Does that mean the site it developed in Rails too? If so you have great taste in development frameworks. Signing up for the RSS with googlereader now. Tom
  2. Hi Tom, I do have great taste in development frameworks... though ffindr is running on Symfony and not Rails. I think one can say that Symfony got heavily inspired by Rails: the ease of use and the beautiful MVC structure are almost identical, however Symfony builds on the well proven web language PHP (which does not imply that Ruby won't also become one). Cheers for RSSing this blog, and see you on the next boat!

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