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Frisbee teams in United Kingdom

Frisbee teams in United Kingdom / Codicote Sex Panthers

Codicote Sex Panthers
Location: Codicote, Herts
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Contact: Send a message to Matt Payne
Founded: 2009

We are the Codicote Sex Panthers, a pub team from the Goat Inn Codicote, Herts! Weve been playing Ultimate for around 2-3 years but have alot of new players join our roster recently! Our age range is 14 to however old Moley is!

We play every Monday in a power league in Stevenage, Herts http://www.ultimatefpl.com/

We have alot of beginners at the moment which is awesome!!

We havent done too many tournaments but thats mainly due to the fact that getting our team in one place at the same time proves exedingly difficult! This is not through not wanting to play but instead the fact that we all have different jobs with different shift patterns/holiday allowances!

Weve played in 2 Beginners tournaments coming 1st at ARU Cambridge in 2009 and 9th in Liverpool (winning 7 out of 8 but losing the cross-over) In 2010 We did Copa del soul (Skegness) beach tournament but only having 6 players we came 30th, and Copa Cabana (Nottingham) where we had the same lack of players let us down we came 59th! However every tournament weve done has been great fun. We love the spirit of Ultimate and we'll certainly be back hopefully with a full strength squad!

Look out for the Panthers, We are the FANCY DRESS KINGS!!! x

Every Sunday, 4pm At Odessey Gym Stevenage

This will move to outside at Codicote Sports Field as weather improves!

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