Frisbee teams in Slovakia

Frisbee teams in Slovakia / Mor ho!

Mor ho!
Location: Bratislava
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Contact: Send a message to Richard Kollar
Founded: 2009

Thursday 7-8:30 pm, Mlada Garda, Bratislava (Summer 2012)

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  1. EUCF 2011 Additions: three players were added to our original EUCR 2011 roster according to EUCS rules: Ján Kuzmík, Peter Košťál and Viliam Holička. The roster agrees with our EUCR roster subject to the rules for EUCR-East and EUCQ-Central.
  2. I added this information to your registration for EUCF2011, since it belongs there. You can actually modify this by clicking "edit" of your registration on the EUCF2011 registration page.

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