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Frisbee teams in Portugal

Frisbee teams in Portugal / Diz-Cu

Location: Carcavelos beach, Portugal
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Contact: Send a message to Patrick van der Valk
Website: http://www.bug-p.org/teams.html
Founded: 1996

Diz-Cu ("Say-Ass") was the first Ultimate team in Portugal. Started in 1996 the first practices and pick-up games were scheduled on grass. However, since the Portuguese are notorious for being late and waiting in a park is less appealing than waiting on a beach, the playing field was quickly moved to the beach.

Diz-Cu players are a mixed bunch. Students, parents, doctors, programmers and other people from Portugal and abroad.

If you are in the Lisbon area, we'd love to see you show up for a good game of pick-up on Thursday nights at 21:00 on the beach of Carcavelos, or Sunday afternoons in Carcavelos in front of Bar Grande Onda starting 2-3 hours before sunset (roughly 4 PM in the winter and 7 PM in the summer). Both beaches are 20 minutes away from Lisbon with stops on the train line towards Cascais (35 km west of Lisbon)

If you want to be sure if there are pickup games, have a look on our mailing list Please keep in mind that if you don't see people at the right time at the right spot... We are on our way. We're just a bit late... ;-)

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