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Frisbee tournaments in United Kingdom

Frisbee tournaments in United Kingdom / WIndoors 2013

WIndoors 2013
Location: Warwick University
Date: 5-6 January 2013
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Indoor
Divisions: Open
Level of play: All levels
Contact: Send a message to Rebecca Hale - President

The 36th Windoors competition! WIndoors 2013 is now full.

Here are the results for WIndoors 2013:

1. Spartans      Winners
2. Mexican Horse Banditts Bear Cavalry
3. Ursi Primi Bear Minimum
4. Joke Paws
5. Jesters
6. Woof
7. VICE           Plate Winners
8. Bears 1
9. Brixton Angels
10. Evolution
11. Deine Mudder Bremen
12. HoGWhip'Scar
13. Bears 2
14. Lemmings
15. Aye-Aye
16. Demons (DMU)
17. Coventry
18. Bears 3
19. My Little Cavalry (MLC)
20. Phoenix Knights     Spoon Winners
21. Bears 4

Spirit winners - Phoenix Knights

MVP of the final - Theo from Spartans

Party prizes went to Ursi Primi for the Nativity scene and Deine Mudder Bremen for partying the hardest.

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