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Frisbee tournaments in United Kingdom

Frisbee tournaments in United Kingdom / UKU Club Open and Women's Indoor Nationals 2013UKU sanctioned

Location: Bristol
Date: 2-3 February 2013
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: National championships / cup
Surface: Indoor
Divisions: Open, Women
Level of play: Advanced
Contact: Send a message to Jordan Brown

I'm pleased to announce that UKU Club Open and Women's Indoor Nationals
will take place on 2nd/3rd February at City Academy Bristol Sports Hall.
Both divisions will cost £135 per team. There is space for 20 teams in each

To enter the Open division, your team must have qualified at Club Open
Indoor Regionals.

So far, qualifying teams include:

South East
1. Spartans
2. Rebel Chaos
3. Winergy
4. Discusting
5. DED 1
6. Disconduct 1
7. Wimpole
8. Brixton 1

1. Federer: Cool
2. TJD
3. ProTM
4. Rats

1. Glasgow Foxes
2. Censored
3. Ro Sham Bo
4. The View

1. Danger! High Voltage
2. Superhazy
3. Brizzle Kicks
4. Unknown

As usual, registration for Women's Nationals is on a first come-first
served basis with priority on 1st teams.

To enter your team, please visit
http://www.ukultimate.com/event_entry_form taking
care to select the correct event. Payment details will be sent with the
confirmation email.

Payment must be received by Friday 11th January after which time, any
remaining spots will be offered to the next highest finishing teams at
regionals. If you qualified but are not planning on attending, please let
me know ASAP so that your spot can be offered to another team.

Any questions, feel free to get in touch.

The results are as follows with the spirit score in brackets.

Open division:

1. Spartans (12.8) - UKU Club Open Indoor National Champions 2013
2. Federer: Cool (12.4)
3. Disconduct (13.3)
4. Dyn-O-Mite (10)
5. TJD (12.7)
6. The Brown (13.6)
7. Danger! High Voltage (13.4)
8. Dog Eat Disc (12)
9. Superhazy (11.4) - Plate Winners
10. Catch Those (9.4)
11. Unknown (12.4)
12. ProTM (7.4)
13. Discusting (10.6)
14. Excalibre (11.3)
15. Brizzlekicks (11)
16. Reservoir Discs (11.5)
17. Rats (8.7)
18. Brixton Angels (10.1)
19. Shake & Bake (11.9)
20. Bristol Ultimate (14.6) - Lookfly SOTG Winners

Lookfly MVP of the final - Alex Wylie from Spartans

Women's division:

1. Thunder Pirates (15.4) - UKU Club Women's Indoor National Champions 2013
and Lookfly SOTG Winners
2. Blue Arse Flies (13.2)
3. GB U23 World Games 2 (10.5)
4. GB U23 World Games 1 (11.5)
5. Bear Cavalry (11.5)
6. Not So Nice Bristols (10.3)
7. Tough Butter (12)
8. Dazed Ladyshapes (12.5)
9. Flyght Club (10.3) - Plate Winners
10. Reading Ultimate (9.3)
11. Lady Lemmings (11.8)
12. Warwick Bears (11.2)
13. Midnight Dressage (11)
14. Brixton Angels (10)
15. Squaws (13)
16. Picnickers (10.2)

Lookfly MVP of the final - Ali Smith from Thunder Pirates

Congratulations to Spartans and Thunder Pirates. I hope everybody had a
great weekend.

I'd like to thank Si Hill and Si Barry for all their help, Dave Emery for
timing the event when I was on pitch, Steve Smith for automating the
schedule, Georgie Winborn and Eoin Power for being top-notch physios/first
aiders, Lookfly for sponsorship and everybody who helped in making the
whole thing run smoothly.

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