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Frisbee tournaments in United Kingdom

Frisbee tournaments in United Kingdom / Disco Inferno 2009

Location: Bristol
Date: 14-15 February 2009
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Indoor
Divisions: Open
Level of play: All levels
Contact: Send a message to Mike

Back for it's 4th year, dates are now confirmed for the next Disco Inferno! February 14th - 15th at City Academy Bristol.

If you would like to enter a team, send me a team name and contact details and I will send you more information.


Last weekend saw 24 teams return to Bristol for the 4th Disco Inferno!

I would like to thank everyone who came and made it such a pleasurable tournament to run.

Final placings:

  1. Airbadgers - Champions
  2. Danger High Voltage - Runners Up
  3. Team Tash
  4. Skunks 1
  5. If Carlsberg Made A Frisbee Team...
  6. Disc-o-Biscuits
  7. HCUK Norris - Spirit
  8. Lemurs
  9. Birthday Batty Boys & Louise - Plate
  10. Skunks 2
  11. Demons
  12. discDoctors
  13. Mr. Men
  14. Lemmings
  15. Fly TNT
  16. Disco 2
  17. Ugly Ducklings - Bowl
  18. Disco 1
  19. Mythago
  20. PAF
  21. Mwnci See
  22. Deep Pete
  23. Disco 3 - Spoon
  24. Mwnci Do

MVP of the final - Dan, Airbadgers

A big thank you to Lookfly and Catch the Spirit for donating prizes for our charity sweepstakes to raise money for Croatia Calling. We raised over £100!

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