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Frisbee tournaments in United Kingdom / Copa Mistura

Copa Mistura
Location: nottingham
Date: 15-16 October 2011
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Indoor
Divisions: Mixed
Level of play: All levels
Contact: Send a message to Tom Styles
Contact phone: 07753827702

At a time when every tournament in the country is focused on beginners the team behind BlockStack.TV welcome you to Nottingham for Copa Mistrua a Mixed Indoor tournament at a brand new 3 hall venue.

Copa Mistura is a 24 team tournament of two days with the sort of fun, atmosphere and party that you've come to expect from any tournament with the word "Copa" in the title.

The venue is the Wildcats Arena, a brand new 3 pitch indoor venue on the edge of Nottingham. It's custom built for basketball tournaments and are very well suited to running a Frisbee tournament. Two of the halls have wooden surfaces and the other is rubber. We also have the use of scoreboards and timing equipment.

We have 2 halls on Saturday and all three halls on the Sunday. Games on Saturday will have a staggered start so teams travelling from far will have a later start. All teams will play at least 10 games over the weekend.

Cost £125 per team

This past weekend saw the first ever Copa Mistura at a brand new Nottingham venue that was very well received by the players, on the pitch and spectating too.

Highlights included

  • 17 Teams playing a very high standard of mixed Ultimate
  • Awesome hat wearing party complete with Lookfly sponsored prize cocktails
  • Great pitches and grandstand seating
  • Samosas

The Lookfly spirit prize was won by Lazy Asses.

Congratulations to Om Nom Nom for winning the final and NTU Ultimate for winning the plate.

The tournament results were as follows

  1. Om Nom Nom
  2. Flump
  3. Team Rehab
  4. Cutty Sharks
  5. Trigger Happy
  6. Skills or Bills
  7. Culture Shock
  8. Lemmings 1
  9. NTU Ultimate (Plate)
  10. ABH
  11. Randoms Manchester
  12. Team Spaff
  13. Some Team (Spoon)
  14. Lazy Asses (Spirit)
  15. Flyght Club
  16. Lemmings 2
  17. Budgie Smugglers

Next year we hope to run a bigger tournament and have booked all three halls available at the venue.

Put it in your diary now 13th 14th October 2012 - Copa Mistura - Mixed Indoors - Nottingham

Photos from Andy Moss are on

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