Frisbee tournaments in Switzerland

Frisbee tournaments in Switzerland / Dogs Outdoors

Dogs Outdoors
Location: Stans
Date: 4-5 August 2012
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Grass
Divisions: Open
Level of play: All levels

ALL Teams @ Dogs Outdoors2012:

-Flying Angels -Freespeed -Solebang -FSL -Wombats -UFO (ultimate frisbee obwalden) -Team Südsee (Konstanz) -Cota Rica (Rimini) -Crazy Dogs 1 -Crazy Dogs 2

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  1. cotarica is interested in joining this tournament ... could u please tell us a list of teams attenindg this tournament?
  2. hey CotaRica. i'll send you a list as soon as i know more... (next days)
  3. Hey. here the list of Teams attending to the Dogs Outdoors 2012: Flying Angels // Freespeed // Solebang // FSL // Wizards // Wombats // Chuck Bronson (Austria) // Crazy Dogs 1 // Crazy Dogs 2 so... all top teams of switzerland and a team from Austria. Great way to start in the EUCS Saison! there is ONE Spot left for you, Cota Rica. Please write a email to ", as soon as possible if you want to play at the Dogs Outdoors 2012!
  4. ok, i just sent him a mail! Thanks! hope we'll se in August on your fields!

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