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Frisbee tournaments in Spain / TookaNIGHT '12 -Nocturnal Hat Tournament-

TookaNIGHT '12 -Nocturnal Hat Tournament-
Location: Carrer Pins de'n Ros celrà
Date: 11-12 August 2012
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Hat tournament
Surface: Artifical turf
Divisions: Mixed, Loose Mixed
Level of play: All levels
Contact: Send a message to sarri

3rd Tookanight edition!

The Tookanight 2012 has planned an unusual Hat Tournament formula, playing during all the night!!! from 00:00h to 07:00h

Also enjoy the parties on beside of the fields ;)

There are limited places, don’t relax too much !!!

You get everything for the 45 euro player’s fee: Welcome party on Friday eve (dinner), Saturday’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch, swimming pool entry, and the water and fruit during the games.

The games are played in the Camp Municipal d’Esports de Celrà, in an awesome modern artificial grass football field. Don't forget bring a white T-shirt, and black T-shirt aswell. Party during all the night at pavillion, placed right beside the grass field.

During the day, players can relax, go to the swimming pool, or play games (football, basket, accuracy, trick shots, ultimate indoor, etc) and get ready for the Xupito Race !!! ;D

The accommodation is both provided in the Gym, inside pavillion. (limited number of places). Feel free to look for other lodging options if you like.

Celrà is a small village very close to Girona (about 10 km), and it’s very easy to get there, weather by car, bus or train. There’s aswell the Girona Airport at 20 min, for those coming by plane.

Best regards and see you there!

Tookanight Organizing Committee. 2012

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