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Frisbee tournaments in Poland / Rising Polish Open Tournament 2013

Rising Polish Open Tournament 2013
Location: Opalenica , Parkowa
Date: 27-28 April 2013
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Grass
Divisions: Open, Women
Level of play: Advanced
Contact: Send a message to Lukasz 'Skiba' S-J
Contact phone: +48607584093
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Rising Polish Open Tournament 2013

will be the first polish outdoor event with Open & Women's division. We are proud to invite You to take part in this competition which be held in the unique training centre (UEFA Euro 2012 Accomodation Centre-Portugal). With You we can take our game to the next level.





and more ... stay tuned!

Clip of the training centre(click!)

Map of the training centre(click!)



16 Open & 16 Women's


ALL-INclusive ;)

  • sleeping place
  • 2x breakfast
  • saturday dinner
  • free water at the fields
  • tournament gift
  • 8 ultimate fields
  • pro-photographer LINK
  • Saturday Party in Hotel Remes !!! (drink bar, pool room, bowling alley, dance floor, projector with video games or ultimate games)
  • wonderful hand-made trophies
  • Best games of each round will be uploaded on Youtube channel
  • Live-stream of the Finals
  • and... stay tuned!

Registration DEADLINE: 31st January 2013 If Your team is ALL-IN send an e-mail with - team’s name - division - city of origin - contact e-mail - contact phone - number of players. Or just sign up your team on ffindr registration list

 Hope to see You on the field !

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Created by robert_guc on May 4, 2013
Fields Competition Accessibility Organisation Facilities Food & accommodation Bonus Overall

all fields had an good quality, some minor bumbs, but nothing bad. Next great point: a lot of teams from all over europe, so we could play against teams we'd never played against. The accommodation in a classroom was ok, next time it would be great to camp near the fields. Also a covered place near the fields would be nice next time. Imagine a cloudburst or a really large heat. Breakfast on saturday was great: vegetables, cheese, ham, fruits (but no banana ;-) ), cornflakes, yoghurt. On Sunday, there was almost nothing left - maybe we were a little late. The saturday dinner was ok, mushroom soup, chickencutlet and rice plus a salat. Really cool, was the opportunity to use the spa for an additional ~3€. Just awesome! You did a good job for your first big tournament!

Created by roger on April 30, 2013
Fields Competition Accessibility Organisation Facilities Food & accommodation Bonus Overall

All fields are natural grass (excellent quality), boundary lines were marked with chalk. Participating teams represented a handful of nations. Near a train station, sleeping place close to fields. Good vibes, good spirit, and great playing experience. Polish food is tasty and cheap too!

Created by _ali_ on April 29, 2013
Fields Competition Accessibility Organisation Facilities Food & accommodation Bonus Overall

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