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Frisbee tournaments in Philippines / Boracay Open 2012BULA sanctioned

Boracay Open 2012
Location: Casa Pilar Station 3, Boracay, Philippines
Date: 4-6 May 2012
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: International championships
Surface: Beach
Divisions: Mixed
Level of play: All levels
Contact: Send a message to Karen Cabrera
Contact phone: +639177161626

The Boracay Open is an annual international beach ultimate tournament. This year we will be having three playing days with 3guys : 1girl format (Mixed).

Boracay is not only known for our famous fine white sand, but also for the great parties we throw. So expect to have 4 awesome parties that last til sunrise.
*Saturday party theme is "Cinco de Mayo".

It was an intense finals on Pool A with the 8-time defending champion Boracay Dragons against the Boracay Ultimate. The Dragons inched its way to victory with 17-16 win on universal point.

Final Results are:

Pool A 1 - Boracay Dragon All-Stars 2 - Boracay Ultimate 3 - Boracay Dragon Juniors 4 - Boracay Dragon Islanders 5 - Mulatto (Davao) 6 - South Side Guerillas (Davao) 7 - Ormoc Cannons (Ormoc) 8 - Ringers (mixed)

Pool B 9 - Diez Amigos (HK) 10 - 1800 Get Sum (Mla) 11 - Gravity's Rainbow (Taiwan) 12 - Khaleeji (Dubai) 13 - Mr. Sanchez (HK) 14 - Operation Apendix (BKK/Sing) 15 - Currier Island (mixed) 16 - Weagles (Mla)

Pool C

17 - Monster (Mla) 18 - Happy Pig (Aus) 19 - Xavier (Mla) 20 - Ultimate Chili Inferno (Iloilo) 21 - Ultimate Warriors (Mla) 22 - Acehole (USC - Mla) 23 - Kayumangi (Mla) 24 - Space Cake High (Subic) 25 - Super Bueno (Mla) 26 - Breakfast Club (Mla)


Pool A Champions: Botacay Dragons All-Stars Finals MVP Female: Maimai Dublin (Boracay Ultimate) Finals MVP Male: Kristian Guerrero (Dragon All-Stars) Mythical: Female - Jean Tuvilla a.k.a. Kyra (Mulatto) Male: - Junthir Flores (Boracay Ultimate) Bolantoy Francisco (Boracay Dragons Juniors) Jose (Boracay Dragons Islanders)

Mayor's Cup Champions: Mulatto

Pool B Champions: Diez Amigos (HK) Finals MVP Female: Kristin Franke (Diez Amigos) Finals MVP Male: Emerson Ang (1800 Get Sum) Mythical: Female - Lauren (Khaleeji) Male: - Kuo Hsun Wang (Gravity's Rainbow) Randall Ty (1800 Get Sum) Steven A (Khaleeji)

Pool C Champions: Monster Finals MVP Female: Lisa Finch (Happy Pig) Finals MVP Male: Zar Tabangin (Monster) Mythical: Female - Ysa Chua (Xavier) Male: - Felix Angue (Warriors) John Lato (Xavier) Gio Golez (UCI)

Spirit Award: Happy Pig (Australia)

Party Award: Mulatto (Davao)

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