Frisbee tournaments in Netherlands

Frisbee tournaments in Netherlands / Schreeuw van de Meeuw

Location: Heyendaalse weg 141, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Date: 26-27 October 2013
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Indoor
Divisions: Mixed
Level of play: All levels
Contact: Send a message to Schreeuw van de Meeuw-commissie
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Dear ultimate lovers,

We are very proud to announce the tenth(!) anniversary of the COED indoor tournament that offers you the best way to spend the longest night of the year:

The Schreeuw van de Meeuw on the 26th and 27th of October 2013

We are working very hard to make this a special edition, but more on that later. As last year, we will play at the University Sports Centre in Nijmegen (The Netherlands), which has fabulous halls to play in (no exaggeration here). Besides that, we will arrange dinner and breakfast and of course we need to mention the party on Saturday night. This party will be absolutely fantastic, especially because it is so extremely close to the sports halls and because we have arranged for the night to last one hour longer... ;-)

What? a COED indoor tournament

When? 26th and 27th of October 2013

Where? Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Stay? In sports hall

More information? See below and (soon) at
Do not hesitate to e-mail ( if you have more questions.

Hope to see you or hear from you!

Charlotte, Ron, Tom and Joris
BFrisbee2's, Nijmegen

**Tournament information**

The tournament is COED, which means you have at least 2 or 3 ladies on the line, decided by the offense.

Universitair Sportcentrum
Heyendaalseweg 141
6525 AJ Nijmegen
Telefoon: (024) 361 23 92

Included in the player's fee is the accommodation from Saturday morning till Sunday afternoon in the sports centre. Please bring your own mattress and sleeping bag. If you decide not to stay at the sports centre, you will have to do the booking yourselves. In that case please let us know that you will not require accommodation at the sports centre. If you need to arrive Friday evening, please let us know the number of players and time you need for the travel when you register. We have only limited options to let people stay.

Dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday are included in the player's fee. In the sports centre is a cafeteria where you can get soft drinks, fruits, sandwiches and other snacks.

On Saturday evening there will be a party close to the sports centre where you are staying (Cultuur Café) in the spirit of the THEME of this year! Beer, wine, soft drinks etc. will be sold at very reasonable prices.

Please register your team by sending an email to Please include your team name, home town, and the number of players you intend to bring.

We have only 16 spots available of which 6 are reserved for teams from abroad. Apart from that: first come, first serve! We will keep track of registered teams on the tournament website. Note that your registration is only complete after you have transferred the fees as indicated below. Deadline for registration is October 6.

*Fees and payment*
The team fee is € 80 and the player's fee is € 25. When you register a team, we ask that you make a down payment of
€255. This amount is the sum of the team fee and the player's fees for 7 players. Payment of the player's fees for the remaining players can be made at a later date. Payed fees will only be returned if you back out before October 6. Dutch teams can use the following bank account:, t.n.v. BFrisBee2s, Nijmegen. Teams from outside the Netherlands can make their payment to the following bank account: IBAN NL98ABNA0619231955, BIC ABNANL2A, BFrisBee2s, Nijmegen.

Please quote your team name together with the text ‘Schreeuw van de Meeuw 2013’ when making the payment. Also, please be so kind as to send us an e-mail at when you have made the payment.

*General information*
There is an ATM available at the venue.

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