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Frisbee tournaments in Latvia

Frisbee tournaments in Latvia / Rigas Rudens 2013

Rigas Rudens 2013
Location: Ogre, Skolas iela 21
Date: 2-3 November 2013
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Indoor
Divisions: Open, Women
Level of play: Advanced
Contact: Send a message to Ģirts
Contact phone: +371 28834444
Website: http://rigasrudens.lv
User score:

Register your team in ths page as well as players!


Tournament will take place in Ogre and Lielvārde:
Ogre Sports hall (Skolas iela 21, Ogre);
*Ogre Secondary School No. 1 (Zinibu iela 3, Ogre);
*Lielvarde Sports Hall (Raiņa iela 22, Lielvārde).

* 5 on 5
* 3 good indoor fields in 3 different sports halls
* Open division - 20 teams; Women divisions - 12 teams.
* Participants play in team uniforms with numbers.
* A team may not add new players to the team during the tournament. A player may play only for one team during the tournament.
* Before first game in each sport hall team captain check game protocol at staff table to ensure that players have the same number as in rooster registered on ffindr.com.


* Team registration deadline 15.10.2013 with team fee 115 EUR or 80 LVL which includes deposit of 50 EUR or 30 LVL.
* Please send your team application (Team name, city, country, captains name and contact details) to rigasrudens@inbox.lv until 15.10.2013.
* Online team registration (in this homepage) must be also done until 15.10.2013.    
* "The Organizers" publish the final list of participating teams on 16.10.2013.
* 20.10.2013 – deadline for paying deposit.
* A team is counted as a registered after being published on the October 16, as the registered teams for the tournament and having paid deposit of 50 EUR or 30 LVL to the Ogre Frisbee Club. If a team pulls out after registration deadline, the deposit is not refunded.

If there are more teams registered for any of the divisions than the maximum number named in 4.1, there is a waiting list formed on October 16. Tournament Organizing Committee decides which team is included in waiting list according to:
*Team results in other indoor tournaments
*Previous years result in Rigas Rudens
*Nationality of the team (if team results in previous points are similar than preference will be given to team which is the only one representing country).

* If any of the pre-registered teams does not pay deposit until October 20, it is not counted as registered and Tournament Organizing Committee (TOC) decides which team from the waiting list takes the vacant place. In this case the new pre-registered team pays deposit within 3 days.

* In case there is not the maximum number of teams registered in any of the divisions, and if there is waiting list in the other division, TOC may decide about changing the maximum number in one division respectively changing the number of teams in the other division.

Team fee includes: 3 great indoor fields in 3 halls; dressing rooms, showers; tournament buss between sports halls and main hotel; players handbooks; mini gifts; some free drinks in tournament party at club "Hauze"; and other stuff.



* Please send your team roster (Player name, surname and number) to rigasrudens@inbox.lv until 20.10.2013.
Online (in this homepage) team rosters must be filled untill 20.10.2013.
In this year we will collect player statistics. Players with no player number won't be counted in statistics so when you make a online registration please provide correct player numbers!!!

Deadline for invitations for receiving visa is 18.10.2013.
If you need help with visas - please do ask, we will help you!: rigasrudens@inbox.lv

* "Hotel Club 1924",
Ikšķiles iela 2, Ogre, LV-5002, www.hotelclub1934.lv; 10 LVL per person per night, breakfast avaiable for additional charge.
Other hotels and hostels in Riga. See full possible hotel list here.

All sports halls are situated near big shops and markets, so buying food won't be problem.
There are several cafes and pizzerias in Ogre, where you can eat at spot.

* "Picu Studija", Ķiršu iela 5, Ogre; www.picustudija.lv; phone number - 20011188; picustudija@inbox.lv. They offer a wide variety of USA style pizzas. Delivery avaiable.
* "Chilli Pica", Rīgas iela 23, Ogre; phone number - 65044354; www.e-pica.lv. They offer some kind of pizzas, salads, soups, pastas, desserts and other eatable things. Delivery avaiable!

* Info about other cafes and markets will be published soon!
Basic map of Ogre and Lielvarde with tagged places can be found here.



Bank name: SWEDBANK
Bank code: HABALV22
Address: SKOLAS IELA 12, LV-5001
Registration number: LV-40008008375
Account number: LV06HABA0551016088329
Bank address: Balasta dambis 1a, Rīga, LV-1048, Latvija


* cheap flights to Riga Airport, RIX
(Ryanair, WizzAir etc.);
Train rides from Minsk, Moscow and St.Petersburg to Riga Latvijas Ekspresis trains;
Cheap buss rides from Europe and Russia to Riga (Simple Express; Lux Express; Ecolines; Eurolines);
Ferry rides from Sweden (Stockholm) to Riga with Tallink ships (www.tallink.com);
* Rent a p
ersonal car (info will be published);
* By your own personal car.


The first 3 teams in each division receive winners cups and medals;
* The winner of the Spirit of the Game award in both divisions is estimated by collecting team votes after each game during the whole tournament except semi-finals and finals in open division and winner will get the spirit statue;
* One player in each division that scores most goals and assists receive MVP cup (most valuable player).

Registered teams and seeding in Open division:

1. Sokol (Moscow, Russia)
2. SalaspilsWT (Salapils, Latvia)
3. Flying Worms (Ventspils, Latvia)
4. OksiDiskO (Velikiy Novgorod, Russia)
5. Vorai (Vilnius, Lithuania)
6. Ultimate Decision (Riga, Latvia)
7. GRID (Stockholm, Sweden)
8. Shadows (St. Petersburg, Russia)
9. FreezeB (Tallinn, Estonia)
10. Skraidantys drambliai (Kaunas, LT)
11. SoulFly UD (Riga, Latvia)
12. Zepps (Vilnius, Lithuania)
13. Me&MyMonkey (Moscow, Russia)
14. JuPiter Fulgur (St. Petersburg, Russia)
15. Sky Pro (St. Petersburg, Russia)
16. Tartu Turbulence (Tartu, EST)
17. Salaspils Jr (Salaspils, Latvia)
18. MINDPV (Riga, Latvia)
19. KossMix (Vilnius, Lithuania)
20. Probably some latvians (PSL) (Ventspils, Latvia)


Registered teams and seeding in Women division:

1. Moments (Ogre, Latvia)
2. Salaspils FK (Salaspils, Latvia)
3. KCN Rīga (Riga, Latvia)
4. Swedish Fish (Stockholm, Sweden)
5. Brilliance (Moscow, Russia)
6. Bubblicious (Vilnius, Lithuania)
7. Sexy Legs (Tallinn, Estonia)
8. Dyki Krali (Kyev, Ukraine)
9. The Sixth Sun (Minsk, Belarussia)
10. SkyPro (St. Petersburg, Russia)
11. Ultimate Decision (Riga, Latvia)
12. Hands Up (Ventspils, Latvia)

Waiting list in women division:

14. MindPV (Riga, Latvia)
15. K-oss (Vilnius, Lithuania)


Tournament is organized by Ogre Frisbee club. Tournament director – Dzirkstīte Žindiga. In all questions send email to us: rigasrudens@inbox.lv




(We have sent them to team captain emails)

Tournament is played according to the WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2013 subject to the specifications mentioned below.

Games played to 11 points, time cap 25 minutes. When time-cap is reached, finish the point. If no team has reached 11 points, add 1 to the leading score to set the new point cap. Games for the 1st and 3rd place in both divisions played to 15 points, time cap 40 minutes (and there are no half times, nor extra time-outs).

1 time-out (one minute) per game per team. If a time-out is taken during the last 5 minutes of a game, the game clock stops. The game clock starts again when the disc is checked in, or, if time out is taken between points, when the receiving team touches the pull.

Before first game in each sport hall team captain check game protocol at staff table to ensure that players have the same number as in rooster registered on ffindr.com and make corrections if necessary

Late arrival to game

The game clock will start immediately the hall is free. If one or both teams aren't ready to play after the first three minutes, the team(s) will be penalised with one point for every begun minute they are late.


Stall count is 8 seconds.

A dropped pull is NOT a turn-over, you can pick it up and put it into play immediately. In order for the receiving team to request a re-pull or middle, or to chose brick, the pull should have crossed any of the perimeter lines (sidelines and endlines) above 2 meters up. If the disc crosses the perimeter line lower than 2 meters the disc is put in play at the back or the side of the endzone. If you catch the pull in your endzone, you have to play it from there.


Reminder: during play (not counting pulls) with missed passes etc., you are still allowed to bring the disc up to the endzone line, just like outdoor.

The brick point is set 5 meters into the playing field proper counting from the endzone -line.

Callahan rule applies.

Tie breakers

If two teams end up with the same points, you go to the head to head result. If three or more teams end up with the same points, you make a separate result table counting only the results of the games between the tied teams. If teams still are tied, you count goal difference in the games between the tied teams. If this doesn’t help – you count total goals scored, and finally – goal difference in all games.



As the game schedule is so tight and there are so many games per day, we kindly ask you to leave the field immediately after your game, so that the next game can begin on time. Thank you in advance!


Score reporting website: http://rigasrudens.lv

Will be avaiable at http://rigasrudens.lv and www.frisbee.lv
Pool games, advancing games and cross game results - http://www.rigasrudens.lv/images/Results_RR2013.pdf


1. OksiDiskO (Velikiy Novgorod, RUS)
2. Sokol (Moscow, RUS)
3. Ultimate Decsion (Riga, LVA)
4. Vorai (Vilnius, LTU)
5. Salaspils WT (Salaspils, LVA)
6. SoulFly UD (Riga, LVA)
7. Shadows (St.Petersburg, RUS)
8. Zepps (Vilnius, LTU)
9. GRID (Stockholm, SWE)
10.Flying Worms (Ventspils, LVA)
11.FreezeB (Tallinn, EST)
12.Skraidantys drambliai (Kaunas, LTU)
13.Tartu Turbulence (Tartu, EST)
14.JuPiter Fulgur (St.Petersburg, RUS)
15.Me&MyMonkey (Moscow, RUS)
16.Probably some latvians (PSL) (Ventspils, LVA)
17.KossMIX (Vilnius, LTU)
18.Sky Pro (St.Petersburg, RUS)
19.Salaspils Jr (Salaspils, LVA)
20.MindPV (Riga, LVA)

Spirit of the Game -  FreezeB (Tallinn, EST)

Most valuable player (MVP) - Danila Petrov (OksiDiskO (Velikiy Novgorod, RUS))




1. Swedish Fish (Stockholm, SWE)
2. Moments (Ogre, LVA)
3. Salaspils FK (Salaspils, LVA)
4. KCN Riga (Riga, LVA)
5.Bubblicious (Vilnius, LTU)
6. Brilliance (Moscow, RUS)
7. Sky Pro (St.Petersburg, RUS)
8. The Sixth Sun (Minsk, BLR)
Ultimate Decision (Riga, LVA)
10.Sexy Legs (Tallinn, EST)
11.Hands Up (Ventspils, LVA)
12.Dyki Krali (Kiev, UKR)

Spirit of the Game - Moments (Ogre, LVA)

Most valuable player (MVP) - Lāsma Kublicka (Salaspils FK (Salaspils, LVA))

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