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Frisbee tournaments in Latvia

Frisbee tournaments in Latvia / Jurmalas Bite 2013

Location: Jurmala
Date: 15-16 June 2013
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Beach
Divisions: Open, Mixed
Level of play: All levels
Contact: Send a message to Ģirts
Contact phone: 28834444
Website: http://www.frisbee.lv/jurmalas-bite-0
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  • Place: Dubulti, Jurmala, Latvia
  • Divisions: Open, Mixed
  • Format: Outdoor 5vs5
  • Field: 75x25m, two or three sand fields
  • Team fee: 90 EUR (No player fee required)
  • Application deadline: 27.05. (get in touch for more info)
  • Travel: cheap flights to Riga Airport, RIX (Ryanair, WizzAir etc.); chep buss rides and other buss companies.
  • Lodging: will be provided as soon as possible. You can see some of the options for lodging from last year here.

Please send you applications to jurmalasbite@inbox.lv naming team name, city and country representing and division. Registration deadline May 27th.

A team is counted as a registered after having paid deposit of 30 EUR or 20 LVL to the Ogre Frisbee Club by June 2nd

Minimum number of teams per division to be played is 5.

For more information please write to jurmalasbite@inbox.lv


Registered teams:

Open division:
1. Skraidantys drambliai (Lithuania)
2. Russian Masters (Russia)
3. Latvian National team (Latvia)
4. SFK (Latvia, Salaspils)
5. Flying Worms (Ventspils, Latvia)

Mixed division:
1. Bivni (Russia, Moscow)
2. Marių Meškos (Lithuania)
3. Latvian Women National Team (Latvia)
4. UD Black (Latvia, Riga)
5. UD Bordo (Latvia, Riga)
6. Ventspils (Latvia, Ventspils)
7. Pertusaria (Latvia, Jelgava)
8. MPV (Latvia, Riga)
9. OFK (Latvia, Ogre)

Score reporting website: http://www.frisbee.lv/jurmalas-bite-0

Open division:
1. Latvian National team (Latvia) + SOTG (Spirit of the game)
2. Flying Worms (Ventspils, Latvia)
3. Skraidantys drambliai (Lithuania)
4. Russian Masters (Russia)
5. SFK (Latvia, Salaspils)

Mixed division:
1. OFK (Latvia, Ogre)
2. UD Bordo (Latvia, Riga)
3. Marių Meškos (Lithuania)
4. UD Black (Latvia, Riga)
5. Latvian Women National Team (Latvia) + SOTG (Spirit of the game)
6. Pertusaria (Latvia, Jelgava)
7. Bivni (Russia, Moscow)
8. Ventspils (Latvia, Ventspils)
9. MPV (Latvia, Riga)

The is also some pictures avaiable here:
http://failiem.lv/u/xanlbqf  (Can be downloaded till 16th of August)

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