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Frisbee tournaments in Iceland

Frisbee tournaments in Iceland / New Year in Iceland

Location: Hafnarfjörður, Ásbraut
Date: 28-31 December 2012
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Hat tournament
Surface: Indoor
Divisions: Mixed
Level of play: All levels
Contact: Send a message to Hanna Tordardottir
Contact phone: 0046-722768111
Website: http://eventfrisbee.gallerifyra.com/ice.html



** The first ever International Ultimate tournament on Icelandic soil will happen this year, and we hope you want to join us. ** This is the plan: ** - 2 days of Ultimate - Indoor, on new handball courts - Hat format, mixed - all levels welcome ** and then all the other good stuff: ** - Accommodation in the Viking hotel, with an outdoor jazzuci. - New year's party at the hotel - Organised trip to Geysir, Gullfoss and the Blue Lagoon - 2 pools within walking distance of hotel and halls. *Nothing better than sitting in a warm pool feeling the snowflakes land on your nose.** ** *------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Dates: ** 28/12 - organised trip to Geysir, Gullfoss and the Blue Lagoon, Ending the evening at the hotel bar for a welcome drink. This is an optional trip, and not included in the tournament fee. ** 29/12 - games all day. ** 30/12 - games all day. ** 31/12 - The Day: Iceland rests and nothing much can happen. We suggest walking around the village or head into Reykjavik. Or why not just stay in the hotel jacuzzi and drink mead all day? * In the evening: Party! (theme to be decided)* ** Packages: ** ** Full Package: €170-190 Includes:
Tournament fee Accommodation x 3 nights Breakfast x 3 New Year's Party and dinner
** Half Package: €100 Includes: Tournament fee New Year's Party
** Play Only: €25 Includes: Tournament fee ** ** ** Sign up is open ** Sign up via this page or via email: hannatordardottir@hotmail.com (hitting the Yes-button on Facebook is not enough) ** But do keep yourself updated on the facebook event ** Please make sure to give me the follwing info: ** 1. Name 2. Age 3. Gender 4. Choice of package (see COST above) 5. Level of play 1-5 (see LEVEL below) 6. Food allergies 7. Country of residence ** ** LEVELS: ** ** 1. Fish: slightly out of your element? Floundering about? But you love that disc anyway. ** 2. Sheep: You have seen other's do it and you do what they do.. with some success. ** 3. Puffin: You are cooler than you think ** 4. Horse: Hard working, lovable creature with great disc control. ** 5. Whale: The disc loves you and you are evolving into one. ** (OK, I am tired... I will look into these levels later- when I am awake, but I am sure you get where I am going with this) ** Coming early/ staying longer: ** *An extra night at the hotel costs 5500 icelandic Kronur. ** If you want to stay in Reykjavik before or after the tournament you could stay in this lovely guesthouse. Cost: ** Dubble room: 44 Euros ** Tripple room: 60 Euros ** 4 bed room: 70 Euros. ** Website ** ** email me: hannatordardottir@hotmail.com **

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  1. Let's invade Iceland !! :-)

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