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Frisbee tournaments in Hungary

Frisbee tournaments in Hungary / BubblePest 2013

BubblePest 2013
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Date: 19-20 January 2013
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Indoor artifical turf
Divisions: Elite Mixed
Level of play: Advanced
Contact: Send a message to Gabor Boross
Website: http://bubblepest.loltimate.com/

Do you miss outdoors in the winter?

7 on 7 real ultimate in the middle of winter in a huge astro turf gym in Budapest. Great level of play, plenty of time to see sights. Last two year's BubblePest was a blast! If you were there, we know you will come back. If you missed it so far, give it a shot this time!


  • 7on7, real mixed, 90m*37m field
  • 60 min. game slots
  • indoors
  • good quality artificial grass, you can wear normal cleats, lay out, etc.
  • only 8 teams, high level and from all over Europe, a healthy mix of Western and Eastern teams.
  • in Budapest: great city, on Saturday morning/afternoon pools, so you have time to see sights
  • the gym/accomodation is really close to the center (a 5 min. tram journey), and also to the Airport

Team selection

We had a high oversubscription in the past years. It's nice to see our tournament is wanted, but we also try to make sure everyone has a chance, we keep the level high and the mixture interesting.

We use a semi-random selection method where teams are put into pots according to strength, geographic location and our subjective preferences, and from each spot one team is selected randomly. Like this, each team had a chance, but the probability of getting in depends on the size of the pot. With this setup we can keep the level high, but keep the interest of all teams up, so you will have a chance every year to get in, even if you are not the strongest team in your country or region.

In 2013 we plan to give out less sure spots and will make the level of play even higher.

Selected teams

  1. BDM (FR)
  2. Catchup (AT)
  3. Croccali (IT)
  4. Flow Wratislavia (PL)
  5. Good Lord! (UK)
  6. LOL (HU)
  7. Rusty Bikes (NL)
  8. The Streisands (GER/CH)

Last year results

  1. Good Lord! (UK)
  2. The Streisands (SOTG winner) (CH/GER)
  3. Furious Goats (PL)
  4. Prague Devils (CZ)
  5. LOL (HUN)
  6. Catchup (AT)
  7. Team Germany (GER)
  8. Saxy Divers (GER)
  1. Good Lord! (UK)
  2. Catchup Graz (AT) (SOTG winner)
  3. Croccali (IT)
  4. FLOW Wratislavia (PL)
  5. BDM (FR)
  6. LOL (HU)
  7. The Streisands (GER/CH)
  8. Rusty Bikes (NL)
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