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Frisbee tournaments in Estonia

Frisbee tournaments in Estonia / Kick in de Kök 2014

Kick in de Kök 2014
Location: Asula 4c, Tallinn, Estonia
Date: 12-13 April 2014
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Indoor artifical turf
Divisions: Open, Women
Level of play: All levels
Contact: Send a message to Kristel
Website: http://www.frisbee.ee
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Welcome to Tallinn, to participate in 
KICK IN DE KÖK upgraded tournament! The nicer, fiercer and warmer version of the same Kicking tournament. 

Deadlines and fees: 
   * Teamfee: 150 eur
   Registration deadline: 1.March
   Teamfee payment deadline: 8.March

    5-5 indoor artificial grass
    24 open and 12 women teams are welcome

Registration: Send an e-mail to kick(at)frisbee.ee with your team’s name, country and division and wait for an answer ;)

Spirit: As winners of last year’s SOTG SoulFly, FreezeB and Moments play for free :)

How does it sound, register today?!! 

More information coming soon, get exited!

Registered teams: 

1. Vorai (LIT)
2. GRID (SWE) 
3. Tartu Turbulence (EST)
4. Flyin Steps (RUS)
5. Only JU! (RUS)
6. JuPiter FULGUR (RUS) - not coming
7. FreezeB (EST)
8. Daugavpils University (LAT)
9. LoHi (FIN)
10. SoulFly UD (LAT)
11. Marių Meškos (LIT) 
12. Narwhal (RUS) 
13. Salaspils Wild Things (LAT)
14. Timanttinen Salko (FIN) 
15. The New Guys (EST)
16. Stack Overflow (EST) 

1. Sky Pro (RUS)
2. KCN Riga (LAT)
3. Sexy Legs (EST)
4. Salaspils FK (LAT)
5. Bubblicious (LIT)
6. Flying Lemons (EST)
7. Molodye (RUS)
8. Phoenix (BLR)
9. The Sixth Sun (BLR)
10. Omnomnom (RUS)
11. Freaky Feet (EST)
12. Moments (LAT)


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Created by squareshadow on September 2, 2014
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Awaiting for next years competition!

  1. Could someone link the official rules?

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