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Frisbee tournaments in Denmark

Frisbee tournaments in Denmark / Furious Five 2013

Location: Højby
Date: 2-3 February 2013
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Indoor
Divisions: Open, Women
Level of play: All levels
Contact: Send a message to Birgitte
Contact phone: 40519375
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Furious-Five/340554939371846
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Dear Furious Friends

Discflyers is proud to invite you and your teammates to Furious Five anno 2013. The tournament will take place on the 2th and 3th of February 2013. All games, Saturday and Sunday, will be played in Højbyhallen, Odense.

You'll get

• Domes, dinner, party and accommodation.

• Plenty of space for both high upsides and spinning hammers in the domes. All games are played in domes next to each other, hooray! - we can cheer for each other!

• Good floor in both domes and seats for everyone when resting and watching ultimate.

• A cafeteria where you can buy fruit, delicious sandwiches, junk food and different kinds of drinks.

• Lots and lots and lots of great fun, fair spirited and hard played ultimate - Furious Five as you know it! Or almost – this year we will try something new. We’ll make it possible for the teams to choose between bringing 5 or 6 players to our tournament. If you choose to bring 6 players you are allowed to substitute one player between the matches - but not during the match. This is to avoid lack of players caused by injuries.

How many participating teams? This year we will aim at having 12 teams in each division (women and open) fighting for the glory of Furious Five!

Seeding! When applying for participation, all teams must rate themselves as being among the top 6 teams (Pool A) or as a team between nr. 7-12 (Pool B). Why? Because the tournament schedule contains a top and bottom pool, and we wish to have as many even games as possible. Of course, the schedule contains a possibility for all teams to win the entire tournament.

Further information We will continuously make updates about the tournament at our facebook site: www.facebook.com/pages/Furious-Five/340554939371846. If you need additional information, please contact Christoffer Borst on discflyers.f5@gmail.com or + 45 20481184.

Price Team fee for 5 players: 1950 DKK or 262 EURO Team fee for 6 players: 2125 DKK or 285 EURO (only 175 DKK(24 EURO) for one extra player!) This includes accommodation from Friday to Sunday, breakfast Saturday and Sunday, a great dinner and party Saturday night and a whole lot of greatly played ultimate. Fee for additional spectators: 175 DKK or 24 EURO (Incl. the same things as the players, except the chance to play ultimate!).

Register now by sending a mail to discflyers.f5@gmail.com together with the registration scheme! The registration closes November 13th 2012

We are looking forward to give you a special and intense indoor tournament experience!

Feel free to invite other teams 

On behalf of Odense Discflyers

The Furious 5 team

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