Frisbee tournaments in Austria

Frisbee tournaments in Austria / You Only Live TWEIZ 2013

Location: Weiz
Date: 23-24 February 2013
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Indoor
Divisions: Open, Women
Level of play: Advanced
Contact: Send a message to Babsi Helbich
Contact phone: 06507784455
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For Your Eyes Only,

James, I hope you have recovered from your last taxing

mission. M wants you back here and Hawaii and all of it's

female temptations need to be put aside.


You have a new mission,

codename: You Only Live TWEIZ.


MI6 has has just received intelligence of a large gathering of

members of a multinational disc-syndicate. They will be joining

forces in the centre of Weiz, Austria and we need you to infiltrate

their circle and find out their agenda. Q branch has provided you

with the ultimate in kit, the latest in tuxedo technology and all the

fancy gadgets you might need.

This mission is for King and Country, James, so M has ordered you

not to get distracted by the martinis, cocktail dresses and casinos

on offer! Need I also mention you should look out for

"deep hammering in the endzone" if you catch my drift.....

Please register on ffindr by the 10.12.2013 at 12 pm.

Your place on the mission will be confirmed as soon as possible

after the deadline.


Here is the intel we have received so far, James:


- DIVISIONS: OPEN AND WOMEN (both in continuous play)

- the ultimate days of the tournament will be 23-24th of February 2013

- teamfee: 80€, players fee: around 25€


- included:

- 2 nights in the gym

- 1 dinner

- 2 breakfasts

- a fully equipped bar

- 2 parties

- ... and a lot of characters dressed for YOU ONLY LIVE TWEIZ 2013


Toe the line on this one, James, M doesn't want to see any fumbles.

Miss Moneypenny.

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SPIRITWINNERS: eyecatchers and Chuck Bronson

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