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Frisbee tournaments in Austria

Frisbee tournaments in Austria / Vienna Winter League 2012

Vienna Winter League 2012
Location: Austria, Liese-Prokop-Pl 1, 2344 Maria Enzersdorf
Date: 24-25 March 2012
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Format: Tournament
Surface: Artifical turf
Divisions: Open, Women, Under 20 Open, Elite Open
Level of play: All levels
Contact: Send a message to Oddi
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Registration is closed!

All registered teams, in order to fix their spot and be part of the ultimate season opening 2012, have to pay the team fee and the player's fee for at least 5 players (200 € for adults divisions, 75 € for Juniors) to following account within >>March 7th<<:

Account Owner: Erster Österreichischer Frisbee Club

Account Number: 30033165291

BLZ: 20111

Bank: die Erste

IBAN: AT862011130033165291


Please specify: WL12: <your team name>, <division>

Please notice that in case of cancellation this amount won't be refunded.

C U @ WL12


Discoboyz & Discogirlz are happy to celebrate with you in their v e r y special way the


during the 11th edition of the Vienna Winter League,

the largest 5on5 turf-field Ultimate Tournament of Europe, which will take place, as in the last years, in the Austrian National Sport Center south of Vienna, where the Italian Football team had its head quarter during the EURO2008.


JUNIOR U20 - 20 teams

OPEN - 16 teams

WOMEN - 16 teams

ELITE (high competitive) - 16 teams

Since the brain of the Discoboyz is apparently not able to process complex information (just “run”,” throw”,” catch”,” eat”,” party”, “party”, “party”) the tournament will be of category “K.I.D.S.” (Keep It Discoboyz Simple):

Games, Breakfast, Dinner, Party (Party, Party) and Sleeping (!??) will be all in the complex!!

The tournament will be played on 12 fields of 23x60 meters (8 of top quality turf of the latest generation and 4 juicy grass ones) and will start on Sat. March 24th at around noon, so you can arrive without getting up too early.

As in the Winter League tradition, we will support again the Junior division, setting their team fee to Zero and keeping the player’s fee to the minimum.

Team Fee (Junior U20, all players born in 1993 or younger) = 0 €

Player’s Fee (Junior U20) = 15 €

Team Fee (Women, Open, Elite) = 100 €

Player’s Fee (Women, Open, Elite) = 20 €

Please register using the Tournament Registration Page on FFindr.com.


Please be sure you register for the right division.

Registration closes on Feb. 24th. The list of the selected teams will be published shortly afterwards.

Let’s start together the Outdoor Season 2012!!

Oddi & the Winter League Crew


Member of ASKÖ-Wien

Ranking Open

1 Mosquitos

2 D&T

3 Discoboyz

4 U.F.O.

5 Scorpions

6 Chuck Bronson

7 Huck Norris

8 Hallodigaz-e?

9 amPullen

10 Winona Raiders

11 Augärtner

12 Velka Morava

13 OutsiterzO

14 Elephant Pieces

15 Unreal Ultimate

16 Stoli

SPIRIT: Scorpions

Ranking Junior

1 John Doe

2 Alej

3 CZ J-Open

4 Mad Monkey

5 Enrico F.

6 Corpernico

7 Righi

8 VertiGo Sprouts

9 AUT U17 - Berg

10 AUT U17 - Tal

11 Fermi E.

12 Nicolò C.

13 undiscovered


Ranking Women

1 box

2 Unreal Princesses

3 CiCiCatch

4 foolsbox

5 PeaceEgg

6 Lay D's

7 Prague Devils

8 Jane Doe

9 Velka Morava

10 CZ J-Women 2

11 D&T

12 Styrian Temptation

13 dapondancers

14 INNsiders

15 W.ANT U17 - Base

16 CZ J-Women 1

17 Fe(r)mine

18 Coperniche

19 W.ANT U17 - Drum

20 Sirane

Spirit W.ANT U17 - Drum

Ranking Elite


2 INNsiders

3 theBigEz

4 Agent Forrest

5 AUT U20 - Tal

6 AUT U20 - Berg

7 Prague Devils

8 Agent Steel

9 Catchup

10 Cosmo

11 Outsiterz

12 VertiGo

13 Dim

14 PeaceEgg

Spirit INNsiders

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Created by JozefHorvath on April 16, 2012
Fields Competition Accessibility Organisation Facilities Food & accommodation Bonus Overall
Created by skrecok on March 27, 2012
Fields Competition Accessibility Organisation Facilities Food & accommodation Bonus Overall

Three rounds of Swiss draw can't be enough, round robin in groups of e.g. 4 teams could be much better . Also too expensive for just one day of ultimate (from 4pm of Saturday to 4pm of Sunday).

Created by Lelek on March 26, 2012
Fields Competition Accessibility Organisation Facilities Food & accommodation Bonus Overall

Poor organisation, especially the schedule.

Created by maja on March 26, 2012
Fields Competition Accessibility Organisation Facilities Food & accommodation Bonus Overall

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