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Posted by gessal on Monday, July 16, 2012 · No comments


1. Worlds (in Japan) is your oyster

This past week has been amazing. Never before have I seen such quality video coverage from an Ultimate tournament. Worlds in Japan clearly sets the bar for future tourneys coverage wise. The mix of avaliable technology and a fast growing Ultimate community is helping us follow the best international teams from day to day. Turning on the livestream with quality Ultimate entertainment every day has been a dream come through for me. Next dream would be actually participating. But hey - you can't have it all, right?

2. Finals tonight

Don't forget. You can watch all three finals from Worlds in Japan live or Video On Demand with NGN tonight! Filming is quite good and all is done live with slow-mo's and at least 3-4 camera angles. Each game is $5, but I recommend you buying the $20 package for the whole tournament video coverage and dig into the semi-final games e.g. the USA vs. Canada universe point game.

3. Too much time?

Skyd collects everything you need to know about this year's Worlds in one handy guide. Also check out the lovely biased Ultimate Stock Exchange post from mid-Worlds - which actually turned out pretty precise.

4. AUDL scores

The Detroit Mechanix win over the Columbus Cranes at the Pontiac Silverdome last weekend. It would be nice to see some D's as well as points though. Give some love to the defense! Also - watching these AUDL games I kind of noticed that they always play in big stadiums with no wind. That's a little to easy.

5. Get off my turf!

Last weekend was trouble for the AUDL. Connecticut Constitution suspended their operations indefinitely because of territory license problems and thereby following lawsuits. Later they unsuspended their operations and "forward on good faith". It seems like The AUDL is action on AND off the field.

6. Olympics?

The WFDF is under review for official recognition by the International Olympic Committee. Should that be granted, USA Ultimate could then apply to the U.S. Olympic Committee for the same. It's the beginning of a long, arduous process that will likely take years. But hopefully someday Ultimate will be part of the Olympics. More on that in this article.

7. US Open highlights

Johnny Bravo (Open) and Riot Victorious (Women) wins the 2012 US Open. Check out the stats. And the awesome photos from UltiPhotos. I especially like this guy showing the true face of Mixed Ultimate. I guess he'll land in a nice comfy place.

8. Training plans

The Ultimate Athlete Project is opening to new members July 15th! They'll be open for one week before closing again. This open date is perfect for those getting ready to play with their universities in the fall. Check out some video examples of what they do on their YouTube channel.

9. Hammer time!

Nationals 2011 semifinal between Revolver and Doublewide on YouTube. Commentary by Brodie Smith who also put up a great hammer catch film clip.

10. Worlds snapshots

Lots of eye candy from Japan by official photographers UltimatePhotos.org and NZSnaps.com. Check out this great mood shot.

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