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Posted by gessal on Friday, June 22, 2012 · No comments


1. Feedback is the breakfast of champions

Last week marked the most commented newsletter in ulti.me history! People mailed me with various feedback - some were great but others less intelligent. Apparently I pissed of numerous people - especially freestylers (they sure have a temper!). Within 24 hours from sending the newsletter I'd been called a racist, a douchebag and an elitist asshole. There was even one who unsubscribed! So.. for the record - you are to read my derogatory generalizations with an open mind and a smile! And.. next week you all skip Ultimate practice and go disctwirling!

2. Douchebag

Last week I called a guy a douchebag in this very newsletter. The guy was me though - I would never call somebody else a douchebag. Problem is that (most of) my readers didn't know the guy in the video was me. And now you all think that I'm a real douchebag for calling some random player a douchebag. I can never really win that one ;-)

3. Referees or not?

Robse from Germany wrote me this last week: "Ultimate lost the very moment when you introduced the referee. That is what happens, when you take away responsibility from the players. It's what happens in soccer and it will be the same thing in Ultimate. No difference at all."

I tent to agree on this comment. Which is kind of annoying - cause I really like the sick AUDL plays the world gets to see!

4. Dressed for success

In between Conference Championships and Regionals USA Ultimate asked the teams a series of 12 quick hit questions related to the 2012 College Series. Watch the videos and find out who people think has the worst/best uniforms, is the fastest player or will win Nationals?

5. Top 10

In case you missed it.. Once again SKYD gives you the top 10 AUDL plays from May. Sweet!

6. Stats

And the AUDL season stats are ready. Brodie Smith is top assist with 10.25 per game. John Korber has most goal with 6.33 per game. And Jonathan Helton is defence leader with 4.11 D's per game. Filthy.

7. Unbreakable

This tutorial video by Ultimate Rob talks about how to create an unbreakable mark and how to beat an unbreakable mark.

8. Orange

Windmill Windup in Amsterdam happened last weekend and marked the first time SKYD covered an European tournament - pretty fantastic. I won't link to the highlights though - cause the quality of the filmed Ultimate is not really worth highlighting. The opening ceremony on the other hand.. is kind of wack.

9. Youngsters

2012 Junior Worlds is going down in Dublin, Ireland in August. I would go but they have a strict "silverfox no admittance" policy. Here's highlights from 2010 Junior Worlds in Heilbron, Germany.

10. Do good

AGE UP is a non-profit program working to empower young women in South Seattle. Please take a moment to vote for them in a $5,000 grant.

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