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Posted by christian on Monday, March 5, 2012 · 3 comments

Quiet on the blog, but everything but quiet under the hood:

  • Currently I'm working on a complete rewrite of the interface in HTML5, based on the latest versions of rock-solid frameworks such as jQuery, jQueryUI and Bootstrap. Expect a beta by mid-March, and the new FF5 by end of March.

  • The FFindr discs finally went into production and we expect them to arrive end of March. First of all the winners of the design contest will receive their discs, then they'll also be available on the JUMP+REACH Online Shop

The new FFindr discs
The new FFindr discs
  • The translation interface has been completely revamped, have a look if you are a FFindr translator or just curious how it looks like. It would be impossible to organise updates of the now 13 interface languages without this semi-automated tool.

  • Thanks to Stefan, FFindr is now also available in Romanian! The Romanian Ultimate Frisbee community is young and small, may FFindr help to spread the word and foster its development. The language count increases now to 14, with Bulgarian almost ready for making it 15.

  • 200+ Frisbee tournament registrations with FFindr! The FKT 2012, a tournament in Münster, Germany that I was lucky to have played exactly 10 years ago, is the 200th event managing its registration process on FFindr. Those 200+ registrations triggered 5000+ team (or player, in case of individual inscriptions) registrations.

  • Alexa's traffic rank for FFindr is currently 308,189 world-wide, and 18,771 for France. Although these stats aren't very reliable it's good to know that FFindr constantly climbs up the ladder.

And there'll surely be much more...


  1. hi.im in auckland actualy.where can i buy one disc???? thanks kevin
  2. Hi Kevin, You can soon get them directly on the JUMP+REACH store, you'll find them in the [brand new FFindr Replica section](http://www.jump-and-reach.com/index.php?cat=c109_FFindr.html&XTCsid=rdj73q0tsnnmgk9927usonm735). I'll also bring a few specimen to Paganello, in case that you go to Rimini this Easter.
  3. ... and shipping to New Zealand is just 6 Euro for up to 2 discs :-)

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