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Posted by christian on Thursday, February 4, 2010 · 3 comments

I recently stumbled upon a very beautiful website, the self-labelled home of the manic frisbee collector Philoit's not about Frisbee, it is Frisbee! This short and illustrative article introduces the Frisbee world of Philo, a 31 year old full time human who enjoys Frisbee, film and fried rice | design, dogs, and dracula | huge hardrives, herzog, and hardcore.

A glimpse at Phil's Frisbee collection, part 1.

His quest for Frisbee promoting world championships, television programs, movies, tournaments, food items, music, etc triggered a collection of uncountable Frisbees: yellow or blue, for world championships or to promote tyres, always round and sometimes loopholed.

Growing up in 1980s suburbia provided a perfect environment to have a Frisbee launched my way. My old neighbor Dan who would wear killer tube socks up to his knees, was always up for a game of toss, which obviously left an indelible touch on me. I think the take away from it all was that the whole process comes down to FUN, and I never really understood how and why frisbee became 'a sport'. The only points that count are style points, hit the blacktop or backyard and best catch of the session wins!

© Frisbee Collective

I have always enjoyed tossing frisbee and it was around 2001 when i typed in the word 'frisbee' on ebay and got hooked on collecting, which became more serious as time passed on.

The future of frisbeecollective.com will see a blog which will allow visitors to filter and search for results by section. The website really is about presenting the content with focus to the audience. The disc gallery will slightly change, instead of presenting a single Frisbee at a time, it will then show two discs at once kind of a face-off or 2x2 noahs ark idea broken down by category. Beyond updates to the site as Philo gets new discs, he would like to get more images from the public especially for the artifact section. Do you own interesting, beautiful discs that you would like to share with the world? Get in touch with Philo, he surely knows how to present them with style.

A glimpse at Phil's Frisbee collection, part 2.


  1. Nice Pole!!!
  2. Hadn't seen the additions to the "pole" wall. Grreat job!!!
  3. "To Frisbee or not to Frisbee? That, is the question......

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