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Posted by christian on Sunday, August 24, 2008 · No comments

The statistics of the Spirit of the Game for this year's Worlds are now available on the results section of the 2008 World Ultimate and Guts Championships. In the following you find the overall ranking of all countries regarding their performance in the Spirit of the Game, all divisions combined (the divisions are denoted in brackets, whereas O = Open, W = Women, X = Mixed, M = Masters, JO = Junior Open, and JW = Junior Women).

  1. Ireland (O, W) 12,44
  2. Switzerland (O, W) 11,94
  3. Germany (O, W, X, M, JO) 11,75
  4. The Netherlands (O) / Mexico (O, W, X) 11,33
  5. -
  6. France (W, X, M, JO) 11,29
  7. USA (O, W, X, M, JO, JW) 11,25
  8. Italy (O, W, X, M) 11,14
  9. Australia (O, W, X, M, JO, JW) 11,10
  10. Dominican Republic (O) 11,00
  11. New Zealand (O, W, M) 10,99
  12. Great Britain (O, W, X, M, JO, JW) 10,72
  13. South Africa (O) / Hong Kong (X) 10,56
  14. -
  15. Japan (O, W, X, M, JO, JW) 10,12
  16. Chinese Taipei (X) 9,88
  17. Finland (O, W, JW) 9,74
  18. Sweden (O, W) 9,67
  19. Colombia (O, W, X, JO, JW) 8,89
  20. Canada (O, W, X, M, JO, JW) 8,70
  21. Venezuela (O, M) 7,17

The Spirit scores of Worlds rely on the new Spirit of the Game scoring system, that was "designed to quickly and accurately determine the SOTG winner while teaching what Spirit of the Game really means."

The eight sections of the scoring sheet give a round-up of the most important parts of Ultimate Frisbee's Spirit. It allows each team to assign either 0 (poor), 1 (normal) or 2 (excellent) points to the adversary team -- resulting in scores between 0 and 16 points. The sections are headlined as follows:

  • Respect
  • Fair-Mindedness
  • Positive Attitude
  • Emotional Management
  • Avoiding Body Contact
  • Avoiding Violations and Fouls
  • Knowledge of the Rules
  • Their Spirit compared to ours

Worlds are a great occasion for emerging Ultimate countries to meet other teams. Nations cut-off the rest of the world, such like Venezuela, Colombia or South Africa, hardly meet different styles of play, and hardly get to know different ways of handling disputes as well. This also reflects the ranking above, where two of these isolated nations can be found among the least three spirited teams.

This Worlds clearly showed that some countries need to work hard to get to the same level of SOTG than the rest of the world. Nevertheless good spirit does not start at Worlds, but rather at local tournaments. Hence every tournament is encouraged to:

  1. use the official Spirit of the Game scoring system,
  2. determine a SOTG winner, and
  3. publish the SOTG ranking including the average scores.

Especially the fact of publishing the SOTG ranking helps to establish a good Spirit, since every team exactly knows how its Spirit is perceived and how they performed compared to others. Spread the word, spread the good Spirit!

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