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Posted by christian on Monday, June 30, 2008 · No comments

The season is under way, and more and more results are posted on various mailing lists and in varying languages. This is a good lead to recall one of ffindr's major goals: serve as an archive of past events, giving quick access to results.

In order to make this vision come true, ffindr should not only be used before the event takes place to

  • expose to a highly targeted public, and to
  • quickly create free tournament websites;

but also afterwards to

Currently a mere quarter (27% to be precise) of ffindr's one-time events (i.e. tournaments) have their results listed. Go ahead and complete events that you once added, or just remember when you add an event next time. I'm considering sending a reminder by e-mail to recall missing tournament results, but that's only an idea for the moment.

Last week I also passed a little bug fix on production: the tabbing on the event pages is now done in fully unobstrusive JavaScript, allowing brand new Firefox 3 to render the page as it should. A quick glimpse at the access statistics of 2008 reveals that ffindr users heavily rely on Mozialla browsers compared to global browser usage:

  1. Firefox 58% -- almost all with FF2 (whereas 40% in general)
  2. Internet Explorer 34% --
    20% (26.5%) on the latest version 7, 14% (27.3%) on antiquated IE6
  3. Safari 4.3% (2.4%)
  4. Opera 2.6% (1.5%)

Next week I'll present the most interesting facts of this month's visitor statistics, so see you in July.

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