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Posted by christian on Sunday, June 1, 2008 · No comments

It's a new month, and it's time for a little excursion to ffindr's access statistics of May 2008.

Since it's start in September 2007, the traffic coming to ffindr is has increased steadily. ffindr served almost 12.000 pages to nearly 3.000 visitors -- compared to 3.700 pages and 600 visitors during ffindr's first month. The average ffindr user is 29 years old, wears black glasses and loves pasta... just kidding, I won't go this much into details (although I surely could ;)

The top searched keyword bringing people to ffindr happened to be the world's biggest Frisbee beach party paganello. The usage of ffindr regarding the five available languages is as follows:

  1. English 55%
  2. German 20%
  3. French 12%
  4. Spanish 4%
  5. Russian 3%

ffindr proves to be a true global Frisbee event service, having attracted visitors from all continents. This definitely sounds great, but diving into details reveals that visits regarding continents are still unbalanced:

  • Visits from Europe make up 80% of ffindr's traffic,
  • whereas requests from the Americas (North and South) account for 15%,
  • with Oceania (1,5%), Asia (~1%) and Africa (.3%) being far behind.

Looking at country level clearly shows that ffindr has been adopted especially by European countries:

  1. France 25%
  2. Germany 19%
  3. United States 11%
  4. United Kingdom 5%
  5. Switzerland 4%
  6. Spain 4%
  7. Austria 3.5%
  8. Russia 3.5%
  9. Ireland 3.5%
  10. Belgium 3%

And also the following data might not tell a lot, here are the world's top 10 ffindr cities:

  1. Paris 11.61%
  2. Dublin 2.92%
  3. St Petersburg 1.68%
  4. Vienna 1.48%
  5. Moscow 1.24%
  6. Madrid 1.21%
  7. Lisbon 1.17%
  8. Berlin 1.07%
  9. Prague 1.04%
  10. Nantes 0.87%

Did I forget something? Anyway, have a nice month!

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