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Biim Team
Location: South of France
Disciplines: Ultimate Frisbee
Contact: Send a message to Les Biimers
Founded: 2010

Biim Team is a pick up OPEN team gathering players from the south east of France (Clermont Ferrant, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, Lausanne (Suiss)). Why "Biim Team" ? Cause "Biim !!!" is the sound we cry on the sideline everytime a nice move is done on the field by one of our player. For exemple : - a strong huck thrown right in the End zone : "Biiimmm !!!" - a layout D : "Biiimm !!!!" - A foot block while the thrower attempted a break trhow : "Biiimm !!!"

Our objective is to create, on each tournament we play, a competitve pick up team with a highly fun spirit both on or out of the field in order to promote the Ultimate of South East of France.

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