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Posted by christian on Thursday, April 3, 2014 · 5 comments
I am pleased to announce that FFindr will be merging into Ultimate Central. We have been in talks for the past six months about a possible fusion to be able to better serve the global Ultimate Frisbee community, today that dream has come true!
FFindr, launched on September 17 in 2007, evolved continously until current version 5.0.16. The last months have been spent rewriting FFindr from the scratch with the goal to release an all new FFindr 6. Although pretty close to release, I realised that joining a strong team would be the best option to continue providing perfectly adapted functionalities for the Frisbee world.
Ultimate Central is a US-based company founded in 2010 by Jeremy Kauffman and Alex Grintsvayg. Their first project was a league and member management solution for the Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance. Seeing the need that other organizations had for a service of this type, they began to refine the software and market it to other organizations in the United States. Over the past three years, Ultimate Central has steadily grown and now serves over 150 organizations all over the world, from small pickup groups to city leagues, up to large regional and national organizations, like Ultimate Canada and Ultimate Australia, and has seven full-time employees, all of whom are Ultimate players passionate about making a great website for the Ultimate community.

Not satisfied with simply making event management software, Ultimate Central sought to become a great resource for players and teams as well. To that end, they began talking to me late last year about a possible merger with FFindr in order to make one central place where teams and events worldwide could be found.
I've always dreamt of making FFindr a global resource connecting each and every Frisbee player with all possible information, but I have been unable to invest the necessary time to gain traction in North America, the epicentre of Ultimate Frisbee. Under the terms of the merger, I will be joining the Ultimate Central team and working to replicate FFindr's features on the Ultimate Central platform. Joining a larger team means that we will be able to get more done on the features I've been thinking about for FFindr but have not been able to complete yet.

What does this mean for FFindr users, for you? Well, nothing much will change in the near future. The FFindr website will remain up and running and you'll still be able to use FFindr to post and register for events. Meanwhile, I will help the Ultimate Central team match 100% of FFindr's features on their platform. Once this is completed, the two websites will merge completely and everything will go forward under the Ultimate Central name.

Please feel free to get in touch and ask anything you want, the philosophy of FFindr will continue to live within Ultimate Central.


  1. Gratz! Could you say a few things about what this will mean for the other disciplines? I'd be even happier if I knew DDC and Golf and Guts and whatnot will also grow together and have a common platform.
  2. Sounds cool! Can you somehow guarantee that all essential features will stay free (of charge) for the community?
  3. I can fully guarantee that all the essential FFindr features will migrated and stay free! The new killer feature coming with Ultimate Central is the payment management, something I wanted to have for FFindr for many years now (but couldn't get done due to a lack of time).
  4. but isn't the payment management not exactly the part where UC makes its money?
  5. UC takes a small commission on payments, that's right. But nobody is forced to use the payment option (option = optional). Everybody still can run registrations for free, and decide whether or not it's worth to do the payment online or "offline". Hope this makes it clear :)

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